The Ford Yacht Club located on Grosse lisle organized the S2 7.9 Class Championship 2018 recently. There were 26 boats that took part and some travelled from Downriver and other surrounding parts of the state while others came from places like Florida, Tennessee and Maryland.

In addition, 2 teams travelled from Canada as well to take part in the competition. The race was to start 3 years ago as per Cary Diehl, who was the race committee chairman. The club had to place a bid for 3 years beforehand along with preparations that was going on since then, and the race has got tighter and tighter since. The scenario was like any other major championships that take place in the sports world.

The boats which were part of the race were S2 7.9’s and it measured 26 feet with retractable keel option to sail. Every boat is measured and undergoes a strict inspection before the commencement of the race, which includes measurement of sails and checking for any illegal weights and so on. As far as the vessels of each boat are concerned, there may be marginal difference, but it is more or less the same during races. Diehl said that they maintain uniformity so that each boat gets the same opportunity during the race.

Although the winning boat may not come for all stars, but the helmsman can definitely be an all-star. Teamwork plays a significant role in these sports like many other sports in the world. If the team is not good and lack understanding, they certainly don’t win the races or have minimal chances to reach towards victory.

Racing started in 7th September with 3 races and each of it included a course of 4 miles. Courses were set up on Canadian and American side of the island. It was the weather that determined the course to be used and every boat had a crew of 6 members. The race was well organized and sailors enjoyed competing in the races.