The service of professionally delivering food and beverages anywhere – as the official definition of catering – is becoming increasingly popular. This business unit achieved by far the highest growth rate last year. But many do not know what catering means and when and what it might be for them. That’s why we want to share our knowledge and experience with you and gather you the most relevant information about catering.

  • The word catering comes from the English word “to cater”. It can be translated among other things with the words; catering; provide food, food and drinks. Different types of catering are distinguished. The most well-known are:
  • Of course there are other differentiations. For example, the fair catering and stadium catering. A special kind of catering is the non-food catering. A non-food catering is characterized by the fact that only equipment (chairs, crockery …) is rented for the catering event. The use of the best corporate catering services you will be able to have the best options now.

The forms of catering are differentiated not only by the target group, but also by the frequency of use of this service. The first four forms are usually based on long-term contracts and are carried out daily or every working day. Therefore, they run under the group name “Contract Catering”. For the business and education catering, you have certainly already heard the term “public catering”. The last two forms are mostly one-time benefits for a given performance day.

What Makes A Party Service Different From A Catering Service?

The difference between caterers and the general term catering is quite difficult to determine. We use the different terminology to highlight the scope of the service. Example: A caterer is charged rather for a casual birthday party with party soup and rolls. A service (staff) is (mostly) not booked. At a wedding, one uses the term (event) catering, as there opulent meals and services are booked.

Even with the location, there are hardly any restrictions. There are caterers who specialize in small caterings with their customers at home (eg in the form of a rental chef). Catering can also take place in your own garden, on a castle, in an event hall or in the company premises. Some locations work exclusively with a caterer, so it is important to ask the landlord if there is such a restriction.

Which Equipment Can Be Rented From A Caterer?

Some function rooms are like an empty canvas. Accordingly, everything has to be delivered for a catering. Some catering companies have all sorts of equipment in large numbers in stock. Everything we do not have in stock, the companies provide for our customers through a third party, so that our customers have only one point of contact. Possible equipment that can be rented for a catering is.