The wedding is a solemn event, which does not depend on the time of the year, because the lovers are not afraid of either frost or heat. Someone has already experienced this memorable day, and someoneonly it is necessary to try on the bride’s outfit, presenting it in front of the groom. We’ll figure out what kinds of dresses there are and how to choose the right wedding dress as a figure. morans restaurant

Variants of the figure of girls

There are 5 basic types of figures: an hourglass, a triangle, a pear, an apple and a sports (rectangle). We will disassemble everyone more in detail.


This type can be attributed pyshnogruddyh girls with full hips. It is very important not to spoil such a figure, covering with a baggy dress the thin waist of its owner. With the ediz wedding dresses this happens to be the best option now.


Ladies who have such a figure – very slender, the choice of a wedding dress for them should be made in view of visually making the bends of the body more pronounced.

An Apple

Girls, related to the type of “apples” – incredibly cheerful, rounded and possessing attractive proportions. The bulk of the weight is concentrated around the tummy, however, these ladies have a beautiful decoration – their lush breasts.


Pretty women with a “pear” figure have large hips and a small upper body. These are classic, very feminine forms, and the owner must certainly emphasize their attire of the bride.

Inverted triangle

Owners of this figure, in contrast to the “pears”, have a large upper body relatively lower. Types of wedding dresses for the body type of the inverted triangle visually balance it, improving the shape.

We select an outfit for a wedding according to the figure

After determining the type of your own figure, we turn to the question of how to choose the right wedding dress. If you, having looked in the mirror, cannot relate yourself to a certain type, there is a recommendation – to measure your parameters centimeter and on the basis of them to determine your type.

Shops and tailors offer a wide range of outfits for the wedding ceremony, consider the most popular of them:


In form resembling the letter “A”, this dress has a flared skirt and a high waist. You can call a universal outfit.

The Greek

Has an overstated waist and sewn from flowing fabrics. Such attire is perfect for brides of small size and future mothers.


Elegant and proportionate, it does a little fetter movement. Therefore, if dancing is planned at the celebration, it is better to give up such apparel. Sometimes in shops they are sold with capes and other decor.


A characteristic feature of this outfit is a fitting upper part and a loose skirt.