Recently, a crew of 6 teenage girls finished a 9 day all-girl East Coast sailing journey in Mount Sinai They overcame seasickness, tough winds which often pushed them backwards and at the same time navigated overnight shifts. Islip’s Kerry Monaghan turned 17 years old during the tour organized by the U.S Naval Sea Cadet Corps. She felt the overall experience was something she would remember for life. It was simply wonderful to look out onto the water without any trace of a land but only blue sky. She said through a telephonic interview last week. One can make multiple plans as per their wish. However, you should have the ability to alter plans so as to come up with new directions.

Natalie Puello, the fellow sailor said that she had never imagined seeing such a day and was fascinated with her experience. The sea cadet teens from past 3 years who planned to sail on long Island on the boat Nada were only boys. This is because the night accommodations here are tight and sailors need to be of the common gender as per the captain of the boat, Roger Noakes. He has taken the only girls crew for the first time and he hosts a nonprofit program known as the Sailing Nada Adventures. Here the Sea Cadets make use of immersion as a leadership class in an ocean voyage.

The teens requested for an all-girls trip in 18th August. They began sailing along with other adults, namely Noakers and 2 representatives from Sea Cadet. The actual plan was to sail for an entire day and rotate in shifts through the coast of Maine and come back. The first night was a bit rough as the wind was too hard and the waves were moving up and down. All were feeling seasick and a lot of water went down with the hatches. Noakes made the girls just sail in the bail without going back in the open water. In the end, the girls built confidence and sailed boldly.